Design and innovation should be a fun and exciting creative process.

Our years of technology consulting have exposed consistent challenges faced by organizations today. Technology solutions are too often piece-meal, disaggregated and disparate, resulting in low productivity, dampened morale and inefficient workflows. By applying seamless design and development solutions, we provide the digital tools for your team to operate at their full potential.

Understanding modern teams’ needs for professional design and technology services, we formed Boston Data Labs to consolidate advanced offerings to provide more seamless and reliable customer experiences.

Clear Vision

Our previous exposure within diverse industries in key areas of responsive digital strategy and production has allowed us to engage new environments assisting our customers with strategies and development of their next generation solutions.  

The user comes first and we value creating a great user experience. Within a collaborative process, we look to gain awareness into our clients’ identified objectives. Together we define scope and goals, project and design concepts and effective road maps. Development of our client’s vision is always in the forefront, balancing their priorities, resourcing as well as timeframes while continually applying industry leading practices and propriety insights to guide successful accomplishments for teams and organizations.

Veteran Experience

Boston Data Labs provides advanced interactive technology and design capability through web and digital media solutions to startups through global enterprise customers.  

Our past experience across a wide range of industries includes software companies, agencies, academic institutions, startups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

As a team of experts in web, software, design, and digital media, we offer advanced integrated solutions to both local and global customers alike, leveraging leading industry experience across disciplines to help business take the next step in their high tech growth and digital brand presence.

Leadership Team

Boston Data Labs leadership team oversees all aspects of business development and client projects.  

Josh Patterson


Josh Patterson draws on over 15 years in digital arts and technology, with formal training in fine art from Walnut Hill and industrial design at Pratt, plus software engineering at top growth innovation startups and Fortune 500 firms, as well as Harvard and MIT. Working with business leaders on all levels to develop online experiences for startups, enterprises and world class institutions, Josh delivers broad vision with seamless interactive and media production.

John Daugherty


John Daugherty has led extensive technical business applications projects for over two decades as a software and IT senior engineer and project leader. His work has covered embedded operating systems, enterprise consulting, banking, healthcare, digital agencies, and startups. John has a strong focus on business operations with a passion for leading teams through the complications of product strategy and development.

Design and Technology

Management tasked with technology and digital strategy production oversight have limited options of in-house expertise or outsourcing to digital agencies and software vendors.

These teams are challenged to encompass responsive, interactive web presence, business application design and marketing, all with ongoing support.

Most business leaders and teams need both advocacy and expert guidance to methodologically assess goals and to design and manage implementation of the full production cycle.

We provide customers assistance to access, design, and develop comprehensive plans for their web and design needs, achieving next generation solutions and technology driven business development.

Extensive Technical Expertise

Boston Data Labs works with many of today's leading software including a variety of programming languages and design and media production applications.


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